The Top Flutter Libraries and Packages You Need to Know About

Flutter is a popular and versatile platform for mobile app development, and it offers a vast array of software libraries and packages that make the development process more efficient and effective. These libraries and packages enhance the capabilities of Flutter and enable developers to create high-performing and feature-rich mobile applications.

To help you get started with Flutter and take your app development expertise to the next level, we have compiled a list of the top Flutter libraries and packages that you need to know about.


Provider is one of the most popular Flutter libraries and packages, and for good reason. It offers a simple and efficient way to manage state in your application. It can be used across various widgets and even multiple pages, making it a go-to solution for many developers. With Provider, you can quickly and easily update and modify variables and widgets within your application.

Flutter Redux

Flutter Redux functions similarly to Provider, but it is designed for larger applications. Redux follows a strict pattern that many developers find helpful when working with complex applications with multiple actions and states. If you are working with a large team on a complex application, then Flutter Redux is an excellent option for managing your state.


If you are looking to build reactive and responsive apps, then RxDart is a package for you. RxDart is a reactive programming library for Dart that provides many stream-based features, such as reactive transformations, observability, and more.

RxDart is an excellent choice when you need to reactively update UIs, combine multiple streams seamlessly or do anything that needs more functionality than what Flutter StreamBuilder can provide out-of-the-box.


Firebase is a Google-powered platform that offers a range of tools and services to develop, improve, and grow your mobile app. While Firebase offers many beneficial features, a few standouts API's are:


Animations are essential for creating compelling user experiences and can make your app feel more interactive and polished. Flutter has several animation libraries that allow you to create high-quality user interface animations efficiently.

Some popular animation libraries include motion, flare_flutter, built-in constaints, and tween-animation-builder.

Flutter Toast

Who doesn't like toast? Not just the one you eat. Toast is a library that can make writing toast messages in your app simple and hassle-free. It's an excellent library for showing snappy status updates, alerts, or notifications to your users.


GetIt is an advanced dependency management library that offers a simple and concise way to perform dependency injection. It uses a service locator pattern to manage dependencies, and you can easily switch out dependencies by binding new values on startup.

GetIt makes it easy to manage dependencies all in one place and creates a cleaner, more organized development process.

Shared Preferences

Shared Preferences is an essential tool for managing and storing user preferences within your application. Shared Preferences store data in key-value pairs, and they allow you to store data persistently on the device even after your app has been shut down.

SharedPreferences is a simple solution to storing user preferences and settings, making the user experience of your app more personalized and exciting.

Google Maps

Adding a map to your Flutter application is easier than ever with the Google Maps package. With Google Maps, you can add maps to your app, search for specific locations, and show custom markers and other annotations.

Google Maps is an excellent option for developing location-based applications such as ride-sharing, delivery, tour-guide, or turn-by-turn navigation applications.

Flutter Camera

Want to use the device camera in your application? Flutter Camera is a package for accessing camera in a Flutter application. Flutter Camera supports both iOS and Android and provides everything from a basic implementation of a camera to a highly customizable implementation where you can specify the orientation of the camera preview.

Flutter Camera can help you bring a highly engaging media capture experience for your users, live streaming, or augmented reality application.

DateTime Picker

DateTime Picker is a familiar and useful package that provides a customizable date and time picker user interface control. This package enables you to easily and efficiently manage date and time selection in your application while maintaining a seamless user experience.


Flutter is an excellent platform for mobile app development, and these libraries and packages can make it even more powerful. The right library can assist you in developing better-performing applications more efficiently and with greater functionality. It's essential to choose the best libraries and packages for your app's needs, and this list is an excellent place to start.

We hope that these libraries and packages are of value to you and that they help make your next Flutter mobile app development project a success. As always, we're happy to answer any questions you may have about Flutter or mobile application development in Flutter in general. Sign up for a free consultation:

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